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Examples of the Fulfilled Orders

Monthly Graph-Forecast of the Personal Successfulness

Graph-forecast indicates the hourly level of one's successfulness in conventional scale for twelve spheres of life and three directions ('personality,' 'finance/substance,' 'business/information'). The 'general successfulness' is the average of all twelve spheres.
Negative values of successfulness indicate that one has to make efforts to succeed, and positive values indicate that it's relatively easy to succeed. Usually the large positive values (+150 and more) indicate that success is almost inevitable, and the large negative values (-150 and less) indicate that no matter how one tries the perfect result is almost unachievable.
If the concerned matter is connected to two or three spheres of life, then all according levels of successfulness have to be taken into account. If the concerned matter is connected to four or more spheres of life, then one should be guided by the level of the 'general successfulness.'

Monthly Graph-Forecast of Personal Successfulness Monthly Graph-Forecast of the Personal Successfulness

Date: February 6, 2004

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